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DIY Solid Wood Peg Doll or Finger Puppet

DIY Solid Wood Peg Doll or Finger Puppet

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Meaningful Crafts : DIY Solid Wood Finger Puppet or Peg Doll


A Blank Peg Doll / Finger Puppet. Create your own story! Let the kids go wild! The sky's the limit with these peg dolls or finger puppets. Paint them, add googly eyes, hair or fur. Spend a fun afternoon creating interactive toys with your loved one!


These Wooden finger puppets are perfect as a base for your finger-puppets. They can be made into seasonal fairies, little trolls, flower children or whatever fantasy or stylish puppets you want to make. Finger puppets can be used to enhance storytelling or puppet theater performances as well as independent play.


Each doll / puppet is approximately 3" tall and 1" diameter at the base or 7cm tall and 25mm diameter at the base.


$4.50 each
2 pack for $9.60
4 pack for $16.60

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