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Waldorf Table Doll Kit - Easy

Waldorf Table Doll Kit - Easy

Excluding Sales Tax

Easy to make DIY Doll Kit from De Witte Engel


Great gift or stocking stuffer for the avid crafter!


Fun afternoon activity to do with the family!


This doll is a part of a series of lovely, seasonal table dolls. Collect and make them all!


This kit contains only premium quality materials, including:

100 % Woollen Felt, Ökotex certified Truefelt, , 100 % Cotton Jersey, Ökotex certified De Witte Engel Doll Jersey, 100 % Washed Wool


Provided with step by step Dutch, German and English instructions


Size: 7 cm, finished Dolls range from 1.75” to 4.5" tall when complete.


Available Kits are :

Chinese Lantern

Rose Lesley

Daisy Doll

Little Violet

Little Daffodil

Little Holly

Little Snowdrop

Toadstool Doll

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